How Well Does Bargaining Work in Consumer Markets? A Robust Bounds Approach
with Joachim Freyberger
Revise and resubmit, Econometrica
NBER Working Paper 29202   |   SIEPR Working Paper 21-045   |   NSF Grant SES-1530632   |   Slides

Intermediaries in Bargaining: Evidence from Business-to-Business Used-Car Inventory Negotiations
with Carol Lu and Anthony Zhang
Revise and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy
NBER Working Paper 29159   |   SIEPR Working Paper 21-043  |   Slides   |   Press: CEC

Quantifying Bargaining Power Under Incomplete Information: A Supply-Side Analysis of the Used-Car Industry
with Anthony Zhang
Revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies
SIEPR Working Paper 21-058  |   Slides
Subsumes some material from "A Mechanism Design Approach to Identification and Estimation" (NBER Working Paper 24837)

The Effects of Occupational Licensing Stringency on the Market for Public School Teachers
with Ziao Ju, Adam Kapor, and Chuan Yu

Revise and resubmit, American Economic Journal: Economic  Policy
NBER Working Paper 28158   |   SIEPR Working Paper 20-050   |   RSF Grant   |   Data and Code   |   Slides   |   Video Presentation
Press: SIEPR. Council of State Governments. NCTQ.

Dynamic Competition in the Era of Big Data
with Patrick Kehoe and Elena Pastorino
NSF Grant SES-2017957   |   Stanford HAI Grant   |   Slides   |   Press: Bloomberg


Fairness in Incomplete Information Bargaining: Theory and Widespread Evidence from the Field
with Dan Keniston, Shengwu Li, JJ Prescott, Bernardo Silveira, and Chuan Yu

International Economic Review, forthcoming
NBER Working Paper 29111   |   SIEPR Working Paper 21-042  |   Slides

Consumer Protection in an Online World: An Analysis of Occupational Licensing
with Chiara Farronato, Andrey Fradkin, and Erik Brynjolfsson
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2024 , 16(3),  549-579
NBER Working Paper 26601   |   SIEPR Working Paper 20-013   |   RSF Grant   |   Press: SIEPR. MIT. HBS. Forbes. NBER Digest. Union Leader.

Counter-stereotypical Messaging and Partisan Cues: Moving the Needle on Vaccines in a Polarized U.S.
with Tim Ryan, Steven Greene, Marc Hetherington, Rahsaan Maxwell, and Steve Tadelis

Science Advances, 2023, 9(29), eadg9434
Online Appendix   |   Data and Code  |  NBER Working Paper 29896   |   SIEPR Working Paper 22-08   |   Slides  |   Trump YouTube Vaccine Ad   |   Vaccine Confidence Fund Grant

Additional ads created for campaign with National Military Family Association and Rainey: Military ad, young survivor ad
Press: NY Times. CNN. Science. Business Insider. Bloomberg. SF Examiner. SLT. Tribune-Democrat. Stanford. Berkeley. WashU. Fast Co. MedPageToday. (More)

Identification in Ascending Auctions, with an Application to Digital Rights Management
with Joachim Freyberger
Quantitative Economics, 2022, 13(2), 505-543
NBER Working Paper  23569   |   SIEPR Working Paper 20-012   |   NSF Grant SES-1530632   |   Code

Scalable Optimal Online Auctions
with Dominic Coey, Kane Sweeney, and Caio Waisman
Marketing Science, 2021, 40(4), 593-618 (Lead article)
NBER Working Paper  24698   |   SIEPR Working Paper 20-011   |   Code

The Efficiency of Real-World Bargaining: Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions
Review of Economic Studies, 2021, 88(2), 851-882
Online Appendix   |   Data and Code   |   NBER Working Paper 20431   |   Slides  |   NSF Grant SES-1530632   |   VoxEU Summary

Discounts and Deadlines in Consumer Search
with Dominic Coey and Brennan Platt
American Economic Review, 2020, 110(12), 3748-3785
Copyright   |   Online Appendix   |   Data and Code   |   NBER Working Paper  22038   |   SIEPR Working Paper 19-011  |   Slides   |   Press: BYU

Sequential Bargaining in the Field: Evidence from Millions of Online Bargaining Interactions
with Matt Backus, Tom Blake, and Steve Tadelis
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2020, 135(3), 1319-1361
Data   |   Code  |   Slides  |  NBER Working Paper 24306   |   NSF Grant SES-1629060

The Bidder Exclusion Effect
with Dominic Coey and Kane Sweeney
RAND Journal of Economics, 2019, 50(1), 93-120
NBER Working Paper 20523  |   Slides

Ascending Auctions with Bidder Asymmetries
with Dominic Coey, Kane Sweeney, and Caio Waisman
Quantitative Economics, 2017, 8(1), 181-200
Data and Code

Bid Takers or Market Makers: The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes
with Nicola Lacetera, Devin Pope, and Justin Sydnor
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2016, 8(2), 195-229
Online Appendix   |   Copyright   |   NBER Working Paper 19731   |   Code   |   Video Example   |   Press: Planet Money

IV Quantile Regression for Group-Level Treatments, with an Application to the Distributional Effects of Trade
with Denis Chetverikov and Christopher Palmer
Econometrica, 2016, 84(2), 809-833
Online Appendix   |   NBER Working Paper 21033   |   Data and Code   |   Stata Example   |   Slides   |   Policy Brief

A Test of the Extreme Value Type I Assumption in the Bus Engine Replacement Model
with Florian Oswald, Gregor Reich, and Dan Wunderli
Economics Letters, 2012, 116 (2), 213-216

Partially Adaptive Econometric Methods for Regression and Classification
with James Hansen, James B. McDonald, and Peter Theodossiou
Computational Economics, 2010, 36, 153-169


Low-Wage Earners Hit Hardest by Trade with China
with Denis Chetverikov and Christopher Palmer
Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, January 2020

The Losses from Failed Negotiations
VoxEU, October 2019


The Effects of Legitimizing Arbitrage Through Parallel Trade: A Textbook Case
with Jim Dana and Sarah Moshary